Monday, February 15, 2016

To Do List Update

  • Tax paperwork is ready to submit to our tax preparer. This year seemed extra difficult-there were problems with our paycheck company information, health savings account information, etc. I am so thankful for our church treasurer and her help for all this bookkeeping! I am still determined to organize the 2015 paperwork for taxes now, but that is not finished yet.
  • Ram and I began cataloging the last two bookcases in his office. These are large bookcases, but we can see the end in sight. Our catalog list is now over 7000 books in our home/his church office.
  • I began going through more of my teaching files. I have completed 7 out of 12 file cabinet drawers. When this project is completed there will be some empty drawers and none of the drawers will be packed full.
  • We finished reading the book for February for library family book club. We are beginning to read the book for Lamb 2's book club. We read the books as family read alouds.
  • Now that taxes are done and the end is in sight for cataloging Ram's books, I am starting to come up with a plan of what to declutter at home next. I love seeing declutter progress!

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Your decluttering updates are very inspiring! I'm SO ready to sort through things at our house, but think all the major decluttering projects will have to wait until this summer.