Wednesday, June 30, 2010


When we first moved here, that May, the ants in the house were terrible. I learned quickly that the secret was to clean the 3 toilets in the house well-the ants were attracted to urine. I usually have done extra bathroom cleaning in May and June and that has taken care of it. I don't know what is different this year, but the ants are worse than ever. We've even found some on the kitchen table! I guess I'll be cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen even more.

Last night, Ram saw a mouse in our old garage. Our house has an old 1 car garage off of the basement and the new 2 car garage off of the old garage. Ram took all the trash out for trash day today, swept the old garage, and hunted for the mouse some more with no luck. Our old garage is a mess and it was a project on our list for later this summer. I am really hoping that the mouse does not come in our house because I think it would be impossible to catch it in our huge basement and house. I don't know which will be more difficult, reminding the Lambs to keep that door closed tight, or catching the mouse if it does get in the house!

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