Thursday, March 31, 2011

My blessing

I had a little time to people watch on Monday. A family of 5 drove up in a 2 door car and they all got out, went into the store for a few minutes, and came back to the car. It took quite awhile for all of them to get back in the car, especially to get the baby in the car seat.
After ECFE this week, I used my keychain remote to open the doors to the van and the Lambs ran out and started to get in their seats. A dad with a 4 door car was jealous of that. He had gone out to the car earlier than we did, but his kids still did not have their seatbelts on and they hadn't left yet when we came out.
It made me think how spoiled I am to have minivan that the doors open automatically. We had an old SUV when Lamb 1 was a baby. When I was pregnant with Lamb 2 we bought our first minivan. Last fall we replaced that first minivan with a used minivan. Our new minivan even has automatic trunk opening. I could live without automatic trunk opening if I had to. We did not have this on our first minivan and it has been a very nice feature.
There is no way that we could have gotten all 3 car seats in our old SUV when Lamb 3 was born. With the minivan we are not worried about where we are going to put Lamb 4 when he/she is born. The minivan gets better gas mileage than our old SUV. I was never one to dread joining the parents club and have to get a minivan. Ours is not fancy-we do not have a DVD player or extra features.
Since we have had a minivan for 5 years, I had taken this blessing for granted. Could we get by with a car instead of a minivan? If we could figure out car seats then we could for now, until Lamb 4 comes. But it would be very inconvient, especially on our long shopping days and long trips like taking the boys to the dentist on Monday.
Thank you God, for providing us with the blessing of a minivan. Thank you for providing a few reminders this week to remind me that I am blessed with a minivan.

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