Thursday, April 1, 2010


I wasn't going to post on my blog very much during Holy Week, but tomorrow is Lamb 3's birthday. Last year I posted his birth story here if you are interested. I also posted about how we celebrated his first birthday here. I was a little disappointed that his birthday is on Good Friday this year. I remember as a little girl the neighbor kids were Roman Catholic and I was surprised when I went over to play with them on Good Friday and their mother wouldn't let them come outside to play. I figured we didn't have church until the evening, why couldn't they come out and play? We plan to open presents tomorrow but celebrate with his birthday meal on April 3. His favorite food is clam sauce spaghetti (it really is-he eats 3 helpings!-thanks Susan for the recipe!) so we'll have that and of course cake and ice cream. Ewe's parents are here to help us celebrate. It is Lamb 3's golden birthday (2 on the 2nd of April).

Lamb 3 is not talking very much, but more than our other Lambs did at age 2. Tonight Lamb 3 watched as they stripped the altar at the Maundy Thursday service at church. After each candle was put out Lamb 3 said, "done". When the altar was completely bare, Lamb 3 yelled, "done" so loud that Ram heard him. Yes, Lamb 3, "It is finished."

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