Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finally rewarded

(I wasn't sure what to call this so I didn't have a bunch of hits on my blog.)
A long time ago, maybe last August or September, I sat down and typed in a bunch of Pampers rewards codes. Lamb 2 was almost always diapered in Pampers, Lamb 1 was diapered in whatever I had a coupon. Lamb 3 was either in cloth diapers or I tried just about every "natural" paper diaper there was. So many of these codes had been sitting here for a couple of years and thankfully all but a couple never expired.
I had received a few small rewards before like Starbucks cards. When I logged on to redeem my couple thousand points last August there just weren't any rewards I wanted. I didn't want something that I had to pay for shipping. I didn't want Shutterfly rewards because we usually use Snapfish. I was a little disgusted to have thousands of points "wasted" because I never got around to entering them in until my Lambs were nearly done with diapers.
So it became part of my routine once a week to check the Pampers site and see if they had anything like Snapfish rewards. I have been checking this since last August. Yesterday I finally found a Barnes and Noble card reward! I didn't have quite enough points to get two BandN cards, but at least I used about half of my points.
We also had our house closing yesterday. They said you don't usually get the keys until a few days after closing. Our closing was first thing in the morning and it was late in the afternoon, but we got the keys yesterday. We took two full carloads over last night. The Lambs were excited to start unpacking their toys. They were upset when it was time to go home to bed. There will be lots of time today to unpack toys while Ewe gets estimates for the fence and we get a garage door opener installed.


Karen said...

WooHoo! Barnes and Nobles gift cards are my favorite. There is always another book to enjoy. Glad that you were able to get something good with some of your points.

I didn't realize that most people don't get their new house keys at the closing. We always have.

Your boys must be so excited to be finding places for their possessions. I hope you post pictures after you get settled in to your new home!

Dakotapam said...

We got our keys at closing too...I would have been annoyed had we not!

I love gift codes for Amazon or B &N...there is always something fun to find there!

Have fun settling in!