Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why I haven't/won't blog much

This week:
February 20-call and make appointments for estimates for work at new house
-finish organizing info for taxes
-all 5 of us get chiropractic adjustments
-did a family art project for Lamb 3's preschool homework/decorate halls for school fundraiser
February 21-all Lambs have a "field trip" at school, excellent presentation/planting seeds/reading Jack and the Beanstalk from the Botanical Gardens, we were glad to be invited to join the preschool students
-Lamb 3 stayed for the rest of preschool, Lamb 1 and 2 went along to the post office to mail the taxes
-cleaned the house
-Ram stayed to meet people to show our rental house, they ended up not showing up
-Ewe and the Lambs found a bakery with King Cake
-Ram took King Cake to the confirmation class and they wouldn't touch it (the Lambs couldn't believe kids turned down sugar and gladly ate the extra King Cake)
Wednesday 22-Homeschool library story time
-Church supper
-Ash Wednesday service
Thursday 23- Lamb 3 preschool
-Ewe baked in the breadmaker 3 loaves of bread for Fiesta Night
-Ewe made a raspberry ganache pie for Fiesta Night
-Ewe paid bills/Ram ran errands
Friday 24-cleaned house
-Ram stayed to show 2 families the rental house
-Ewe took the Lambs to church to help get ready for Fiesta Night
-Fiesta Night-church preschool fundraiser-I'll post about this fun evening later
-Ewe stayed to help clean up and Ram took the Lambs home and put them to bed. It was so nice to come home to Lambs asleep already!
Saturday 25-went to Target for free stuff from Dr. Seuss reading day (we've never lived close enough to do this, the bags were cute even if they don't last long)
-Went to Kids Fair-I'll post about this later
-Came home for naps
-Ram and Lamb 1 went shopping at Costco
Next week:
Sunday 26: Church/Sunday School
Monday 27: -House Closing!
-All those phone calls for things like set up utilities at new house.
-Possibly go out to eat to celebrate the house closing or make a family favorite meal at home.
Tuesday 28:-Get estimate on putting a fence in at the new house.
-Get garage door opener installed at the new house.
-Lamb 3 preschool
-Take a load of stuff over each time we go to the new house this week.
-Trying to decide if it is worth the crowds to go to IHOP for free pancake day.
Wednesday 29:-Homeschool library story time
-Church supper
March 1:-Grandma comes to visit/babysit!
-get estimate/make decision on window treatments
-out to eat with Grandpa and Grandma to celebrate Lamb 1's birthday early (right now his request is an Indian restaurant.)
-Lamb 3 preschool
March 2:-heating/A/C person comes to check out the system at our new house
-special library storytime for Dr. Seuss birthday
March 3:-Ram will go to ID prayer breakfast
-if we're not too tired our church has a progressive supper
-one week until moving day

This is just my calendar, not Ram's responsibilities as a pastor. No wonder why Lamb 2 and 3 really needed a nap today. Who knows what will be added to this schedule-will we have to show the rental house again this week? I will be glad when Easter comes and hopefully by then we are settled into our new house which will slow the schedule down.

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