Friday, February 10, 2012

What I've been up to...

1. I updated our home library list. I worked with a list I began in MN. I also typed up every book that is in our rental house, not packed up in the garage, mostly books for homeschooling and books that we received for Christmas. The list that I began in MN had almost all of our fiction and a little nonfiction. The list includes the Lambs books with Ram and Ewe's. Our list is currently about 2400 books and remember that this does not include very much of our nonfiction. I sent a copy of the list to my dad to keep for insurance reasons. I hope to update the list as I unpack each box at the new house. I am beginning with our home library and hope to also work on Ram's library at his office at church after that.
2. As I worked on this project I weeded through the boys school books and workbooks. Shh... don't tell them that I threw all the completed books away, just saved a couple of handwriting samples. Neither MN nor ID require keeping this stuff and I don't need to keep every school paper they do. Ram joked that there is probably someone that would buy completed workbooks on E-bay, but they went into recycling. After this the bookshelf in my office looks all organized and even has room to add more books!
3. I cleaned out the Lamb's closet. I have two bags for Goodwill and two bags ready to try to sell at a kids resale shop. Lamb 1 and 2 wear the same size now in most of their clothes so they passed everything else down to Lamb 3. Lamb 3 has way too many clothes now and I really should go through his clothes again and give away some more. The closet looks pretty empty on Lamb 1 and 2's side. They actually have a good amount of clothes now. They will have a small closet at the new house. Lamb clothes just seem to multiply here. I wasn't brave enough to tackle toys yet, I just dealt with clothes. I am thankful that I have all boys. I can't imagine dealing with kid stuff for both sexes. No one would believe how much stuff I gave away before we moved here. I don't regret moving what I did because we lived 3 hours away from a kid resale shop when we were in MN and there simply wasn't time to go through more when we moved so quickly. Hopefully I can make a little money with what I sell.
4. Last weekend Ram flew to the last session for Doxology with one of the elders from our new church. We were so pleased that our new church could take part in this last session. The elder that went enjoyed it and thinks it is a great program. Ram is thankful to have his support. When Ram began Doxology last June we had no idea that by February he would be at a new church and have to fly to MN. The Lambs and I got over our colds while Ram was gone and survived the long weekend without him.
5. The Lambs started making Valentines today. I think they are going to be late, but they enjoy making them for family and friends. I told a few family they needed to make them for. They kept adding friends to the list that we HAD to send to.
6. Next on my to do list is to get our info together for taxes. I'm dreading it with dealing with living in two places and moving expenses etc. I'm thankful that we have a tax person to do them, that I just have to get the info together. It takes me long enough to just organize receipts and get ready for her to do them. I'm hoping to send the info to her before we move to the new house so I don't have to worry about it then.
7. I also want to make Valentine cookies with the Lambs.
8. Ram and I have talked about and thought about the new house but we are just at the dreaming point right now. We'll wait until after the house closing to purchase furniture and set up appointments to have work done. I'm sure the first few weeks of March will fly by between closing and moving when we need to do all that. I'm trying to limit shopping now to both save money and to give the Lambs a break before we have all that to do with the new house.

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