Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What a 2nd grade homeschooled boy does in his free time

We got a Mac last July. Lamb 1 enjoys doing "dashboard" on our Mac. He would spend all day if we let him-looking up the temperature of places around the world, times of places around the world, the weather forecast for places around the world, Google mapping places around the world, translating words into different languages, and I'm not even sure what else he does. He doesn't ask to play computer or to play computer games, he asks if he can have time to do dashboard.  I made the mistake of asking him what the temperature of Tel Aviv was in F and I got a lecture that he could tell me it in F, but it wasn't right to not tell it in C because that is how they would tell the temperature in Tel Aviv!
We have been reading Owls in the Family by Mowat as a read aloud. This morning when I got out of bed Lamb 1 was google mapping Saskatoon, Canada to see where this book takes place. With moving we have been doing a minimum of homeschooling-math and reading and just a little extra, not all subjects. I do plan to homeschool through the summer and try to get caught up on a few subjects (Latin!) after this crazy year. But I can tell that Lamb 1 is doing just fine-he can spell places for Dashboard that I don't know how to spell, he's learning about geography, time zones, temperature, and much more.
Owls in the Family is a fun book for boys. I never heard of it before it was on one of our reading lists. Sometimes it's fun to read a book together that is new for Mama too.
My mom has nicknamed Lamb 1, dashboard boy. He really is dashboard boy!

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