Saturday, February 18, 2012

When I finish taxes I will blog...

I type up our expenses/deductions for taxes and I am finally finished with that part. Moving  and 4 churches for paychecks made this year's taxes take a little longer. Next I need to fill out the checklist from our tax lady using the info I typed up. I am hoping to finish that tomorrow and get it in the mail to our tax lady on Monday. Sometimes I think I put so much time into taxes that I should just do them myself. Then I think of how much I would like to be backed up by a tax person if we were ever audited and I am glad that we have a good tax lady. Plus she knows the taxes for ministers and I'm sure she gets us more deductions than we would get if we did them ourselves. Since I have been busy with taxes lately I haven't blogged these things. Hopefully I'll get to blog some of this next week.

1. Lamb 3 took snacks to school during "H" week at preschool.
2. What we did for Valentine's Day as a family.
3. My annual report of what taxes showed we did as a family in 2011.
4. We went to the World Center for Birds of Prey for a family field trip.
5. Photos of the Lambs with their Legos.
6. More about our new house-house closing is set for Feb. 27!
7. More about Rev. Harrison's speaking at the Congressional hearing.
8. About an article I read about children being born out of wedlock.
9. Our church preschool is having a fundraiser next week-what I plan to take for the auction.
10. My sister made Valentines for the Lambs and Lamb 3's preschool class.
11. My comment that made my mother-in-law laugh and say that I've adjusted to city life.

Well, that list is a start, I'm sure there is more that I could blog about. I am hoping that taxes are easier next year with just one church and the new health insurance that we have.


Laura said...

Could you send me your tax person's info? We do our own, but we have a question about something that will impact our future. Thanks!


Amanda Pittman said...

Looking forward to having our taxes finished also! I always wish they were just simple. But having the self employment thing, and being a realtor this year, complicates things so much! Its always interesting to see what the government 'thinks' we make each year. Usually our taxed amount is below the poverty level!
Good luck getting them finished! Can't wait to read more of your experience of moving from the country to the city :)