Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meal planning this week

I went to the farmer's market last Saturday so planning meals was easy-just use the fresh produce! I should have gone to the farmer's market more this summer, it would have made meal planning so much easier. Here's what we made:
1. Where we buy farm eggs they haven't had any to sell the last few weeks. I haven't checked if they have any again. So I bought 3 dozen at the farmer's market and Lamb 3 requested egg salad when he saw the eggs I bought.
2. Ram grilled salmon that his dad caught on his Alaska trip. That was a nice treat.
3. We made a stir fry with chicken and veggies.
4. I made a butternut squash stew that was delicious-with apples and pork. Also made biscuits to eat with it and paleo banana bread for breakfast.
5. Tomorrow we plan to have stuffed peppers. All my Lambs love the stuffed part, some of them like the peppers.
6. Recently I made an elk roast thanks to some nice friends that gave it to us after a good hunting season last year.
7. I still have a few more ideas of meals to make from meat/veggies in the freezer. Next week I am getting 20 lbs of chicken so I need to make as much room as possible in my little freezer above the fridge. There are some leftovers in there and also a lot of tomatoes so perhaps we will have homemade tomato soup.

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