Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vacation pictures-Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Lamb 1 in tree, Lamb 2 with sticks

Lamb 3

Lamb 2

Lamb 2, Lamb 3, Lamb 1

Our vacation in July we stopped at Teddy Roosevelt National Park for a place to walk around and get out of the car for a little. The Lambs found sticks on the ground and a nice tree to climb near the visitor's center. Ram and I had a chance to examine the windshield as a truck threw gravel at us in MT making one small and one large spot on the windshield. This traveling day took longer than we expected so we did not connect with DakotaPam this trip. Other than this stop at Teddy Roosevelt National Park, we just drove and stopped when needed for food, restrooms, or hotel from ID to MN. We tried to do this part of the trip quickly to get to the part of the trip where we could see family and friends.

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