Sunday, October 21, 2012

School House Field Trip

My friend Joelle organized a field trip for us to go to the Bown House. We enjoyed stepping back in time a little, especially the old school house. The Lambs had been to old school houses when we lived in MN, but Joelle's daughter had not been before. These photos were taken with Ram's phone while my camera was in the shop.
4 students in this classroom

Lamb 2 talking on the telephone

Lamb 2 pumping water, Lamb 1 churning butter

Lamb 3 baking, A washing clothes

A, Lamb 3, Lamb 1, Lamb 2 outside the Bown House

We then went to Powells and spent way too much money on old fashioned candy. Thanks, Joelle for organizing this field trip for us!

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