Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

Lamb 3 driving the tractor

Lamb 1 playing on the tires

Lamb 2 driving the tractor

3 Lambs on the hay bales-sorry for the glare 
3 Lambs doing the small straw bale maze-Lamb 2 was really good at this!

Riding the wagon with friends-the wagon took just us and one other family.

Lamb 1, A, T, Lamb 2, Lamb 3

Lamb 3 picking the perfect pumpkin

With our pumpkins we chose
Lamb 1, T, Lamb 3, A, Lamb 2

Lamb 3 in the corn pile

Lamb 1 in the corn pile-I had to watch him the closest, that he didn't stick corn in his ears-go figure since he is the oldest Lamb! 
Lamb 2 in the corn pile
I commented that in MN they would never have a corn pile for kids-we knew too many accidents on the farms with people in corn bins. I know this was just a few inches and parents/teachers watch their kids, but we didn't stay in the corn bin long. In MN we had a sand table filled with corn, but didn't get in the corn.

Eating popcorn and drinking juice with friends

We were on vacation when Lamb 3's preschool class went to the pumpkin farm for a field trip. So I organized our own field trip with my friend Joelle's kids. The dads had to work, but the moms and kids had a great field trip. It happened to be a day that some of the local schools had off so they opened up to the public, not just field trips while we were there. It was crowded and if I ever organize a field trip again we'll try to avoid a day that the schools are off. But we had a great time and we look forward to going again next year. The weather was beautiful the day we went-after that it got colder and rainy some days.

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