Thursday, October 11, 2012

More about vacation

We had a get together at one of our former churches in MN. Many of our former members came to one church that one night to see us. One of the members said she never thought she would see us again. That broke my heart. I answered that of course we would come back and visit! Many of our members got a little older and their health is failing a little more. We could see that more after being gone than if we would have been there the whole time. It was very bittersweet to see everyone again. Those few that weren't able to be there were missed even more by us. It was great to show them pictures of our new house and tell them about our new church and preschool.
We got together with some of the pastors from the area. It was great to see them and their wives again. So far we don't know the pastors here that well. Plus our area is spread out-even into OR, not within 45 minutes like we had in MN.
We visited friends in the area and did a little shopping in MN. I miss no sales tax on food or clothing or shoes. I miss knowing exactly which store in which town to get something at. Living in the city means most stores are just down the street, but the stores don't always have what I want. We ate breakfast at the town cafe one morning and visited the people from our old town. We all had an adjustment at our favorite chiropractor. We closed our bank account in our former town. We bought stamps at our old town's post office. We bought Lamb 1 and 2 new shoes. We bought a bunch of sauerkraut that must be a Midwestern thing because I can't find it here. We were only there for one night, but we fit in seeing a lot of people.
Then we drove and stayed with friends and visited other friends that live near them now. Then we drove straight through from MN to IN. We arrived at my parents at 3am. The Lambs did not go to sleep until after midnight. That was a long drive with Lambs awake. But it meant after sleeping in that we had another day at Ewe's parents during our short vacation that we wouldn't have had if we had stayed at a hotel that night.

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