Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VBS 2012

I am writing this the day before I post it. Everyone in our family has had the stomach virus except for me. I am assuming that I will get it too so I'm writing this while I'm still well.
I didn't take my camera to VBS every day and I was really too busy helping/teaching the preschool class to take very many pictures. Here are a few.

One day of VBS the fire truck visited. It had nothing to do with VBS other than to break up the week with something fun for the kids. VBS went 9-12 for preschool, 9-3 for school age kids. Some of the staff from Camp Perkins led the school age VBS.

Preschool VBS music time had some time to march with musical instruments. Lamb 3 is in the light blue shirt.

On the last day of VBS it was water day. After a shortened lesson time the preschoolers were able to play on this slide one of the members brought. It was great for them to have their own area away from the big kids. Lamb 3 is being splashed by one of the 1 1/2 year old twins from our church after going down the slide.

Lamb 2 on the slip and slide one of the members brought for water day.

Lamb 1 on the slip and slide.

It was a fun week and great to see so many kids that aren't members of our church attend too. A few of the school age kids asked for a Bible which we gladly provided for them.

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