Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Stockings today: Lamb 1: pretend jewels for crafts
Lamb 2: colored paper for their art store
Lamb 3: footie pajamas (the first ones I ever bought, requested by Lamb 3!)

Plans for today:
Sleep until 10am with interruptions from excited Lambs.
Lay out Lambs' Christmas outfits.
Lay out my Christmas clothes.
Put Advent decorations/calendars/wreaths away.
Make sure camera has a fresh battery and photos downloaded and organized on computer.
Organize from my old purse to my new purse. (Ram's grandma gave me a Kohl's card for my birthday and I got a great deal with all my coupons. I bought this several weeks ago but haven't used it yet.)
Supervise Lambs showers.
Take a shower.
Try to force Lambs to rest even though I know they won't sleep.
Cook a ham for supper.
Do Altar guild duties for two services.
2 Church services
Family photo after first church service.
Come home and drink eggnog in between services in honor of National Eggnog Day.
Let Lambs change into pajamas for second service if they want.
Get to bed way too late and get up for church again tomorrow.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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The Mama said...

You make both evening services with your kids? I'm really impressed! I've never been able to do that.