Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ewe's 2 week vacation!

1. No teaching Sunday School or organizing the other Sunday School teachers.

2. No chauffeuring for piano, vision, speech, or occupational therapy.

3. No need to set the alarm because the only reason to get up is for 9:15 church on Sundays.

4. No doctor appointments scheduled until January. (This is huge after our family tried to squeeze in a bunch of appointments in December before a new year of deductible!)

5. No cooking a big Christmas meal. (We hosted Thanksgiving so we get off Christmas. We may cook a big meal for Epiphany for our family.)

6. No cleaning to do before hosting-not only are we not hosting but our family did some basic cleaning on Friday so the house looks pretty good.

7. No lesson plans or grading papers or teaching for homeschooling.

8. Yes one Call the Midwife and one Downton Abbey to watch.

9. Yes 5 of my favorite church services to attend.

10. Yes 1 anniversary with my beloved to celebrate.

11. Yes blogging will happen in some of my free time.

12. Yes baking and doing crafts with the Lambs will happen in some of my free time.

13. Yes sitting by the fire drinking tea and reading a book will happen in some of my free time.

14. Yes this vacation is well deserved at the end of 2013.

And now I'm off to do #13 even though I haven't finished decorating the Christmas tree.

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