Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas photos

Photo taken after first service on Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas from Ram, Ewe, and 3 Lambs!

This photo captures the Lambs so well. Lamb 2 and 3 are hugging. Lamb 1 doesn't even want to be in the photo. Lamb 2 wore a tie, the others didn't.
I bought these sweaters in 2010. Can you believe I got 4 years out of them? I bought them online while I sat in my pajamas on Black Friday when we lived in MN. Everyone commented how cute they were last night. I think this is the last year for Lamb 1 to wear his, but Lamb 2 and 3 will still be able to wear them next year.

Before second service on Christmas Eve. Lamb 1 played the piano for the liturgy as we couldn't get an organist for the late service. We knew the hymns well enough to sing a cappella.
Lamb 2 was the acolyte.
Lamb 3 had a nap in the afternoon and wore his footie pajamas.
All the Lambs were fine to be up until 11:30.

Lamb 3 asked for footie pajamas. I had never bought new pajamas for our Lambs as we are blessed with nice grandparents to buy them. It was fun to have a Lamb to buy pajamas for that I knew would appreciate it. He may be 5, but he's my baby. He didn't even know that he was giving me a gift to ask for footie pjs. It ended up being really difficult as he needed size 6. They make boys toddler footie pjs and also for teenagers, but it was not easy to find the middle sizes. I tried several stores and finally at my third Target I found them. Thankfully we live near 3 Targets! (Hopefully I didn't have identity theft when I bought these pjs!) Everyone at the late service thought his pajamas were cute. One middle school girl at church was jealous of the spaceship feet.

I was excited to buy footie pajamas for Lamb 3 and when Lamb 2 opened his stocking on Christmas Eve morning, he was very jealous of Lamb 3's pajamas. I had no idea that Lamb 2 wanted footie pajamas too. I refused to go shopping on Christmas Eve. So hopefully I can find footie pajamas in Lamb 2's size soon.

In between services we opened a few presents from a few church members and also my parents. Lamb 2 and 3 were very excited to get this car carrier from my parents. Lamb 1 refused to be in this picture.

Getting up/going to church this morning was a little rough for Lamb 2 and 3. When we got home from church we had paleo crepes and lingonberries and whipped cream. It worked well and I think I like these crepes better than the crepe recipe we have used every year of our marriage.

Then we opened presents from Aunt Hannah and Uncle Eric. Aunt Hannah is a great aunt and knows just what to get our boys! Then it was time to play with our new toys. They only received a few presents until we have Christmas with Ram's parents, but they appreciate and enjoyed playing with what they got now.

Here are a few photos of Lamb 3 playing with their new car carrier. They got out some of their other cars to play with it together.

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