Friday, December 27, 2013

The second day of Christmas

Stockings today: Each boy received a box of sugar cereal with a Star Wars character pen inside. This was a huge gift as we don't buy cereal, especially not sugar cereal, plus it had the Star Wars pens in them. This is a good time to have this treat because they don't have speech or other therapy this week to behave at after eating sugar cereal. I'm sure this cereal will be gone before we return to regular activities.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two turtle doves.

Second day of Christmas treat:

Chocolate turtle candy from our local chocolate shop. 
Lamb 1 reminded me that we should also have pear crisp today. I told him he wasn't going to have 12 treats on the 12th day of Christmas, just one treat a day.

The Lambs played and watched movies all day. Ram went to the history museum to finish reading all the parts at their special exhibit before they close it at the end of the year (he had already been twice this year but hadn't finished reading about everything). Ram tried to do a little shopping for me, but they were out of everything I asked him to look for. Ewe made a fast grocery shopping trip and spent the rest of the day doing end of the year paperwork to do taxes. It was not a fun day doing that, but it is nice to have more of it done even though I'm not done yet, and it was especially nice that Ram cooked dinner, did dishes, and watched the Lambs so I wasn't interrupted while I worked. We had some green peppers to use so we made stuffed peppers for dinner and then had the chocolate turtles for dessert. The stuffed peppers were paleo and so yummy!

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