Saturday, December 21, 2013


Fillings-When I was about 12, right after my adult teeth came in, I had to get 2 fillings. Right after college I needed a tiny filling. (I know because I was on my own by then and had to pay for it instead of my dad!) My dentist that I had always had did all of those before he retired. I usually had bad teeth when I was pregnant, but always a good report after teeth cleaning. That was until yesterday. I have a cavity on the side of one of my teeth which means I need two small fillings. Ram has still never had a filling so I feel even worse. The dentist and I had a long talk about how he could tell I grew up in the Midwest because I had enough fluoride in the water as my teeth were growing. He could tell that my first fillings were almost 30 years old. It was a fascinating conversation, I just wish I didn't need fillings! He assured me that he will be gentle, but that is not what I was worried about, I was worried about needing fillings. They couldn't fit me in yet this month with the holidays so I won't go back to the dentist until January. I haven't told the Lambs yet because I'm afraid of their scolding.

Freaky-At two different grocery stores I saw women carrying small dogs in a baby sling. One was in line after me and she said her dog had been sick so she couldn't leave him home by himself nor leave him in the cold car while she shopped.

Forty?-I bought some hard cider for Ram yesterday and I was asked to show my ID. I couldn't believe it.

Fun-Ram and I went on a date last night. We saw the Hobbit at the new theatre in our town. It was great to see the Hobbit in 3-D and a great movie to be the first that we went to at the new theatre. We went out to eat for prime rib. We got gluten free chocolate cake to go and ate it at home. We stopped at Walmart for a few items. (It is so much easier to shop without the Lambs!) Walmart was packed at 10pm. We were buying groceries, not Christmas shopping.

Flurries-We did our whole date during a small snowstorm. We took it slow, drove carefully, and didn't go too far from home. We had a student home from college for Christmas break babysit. She wasn't afraid to drive in the snow even though she lives a little far from us. Her mom said she had 4 wheel drive and would be fine. She hadn't babysat for us since we lived in the rental house, so the Lambs were thrilled to have her back to babysit. The Lambs were shocked at how much snow we received while they were inside playing when it was time for her to go home. They couldn't wait until morning to play in the snow! It was great to not have to take her home after our date.

Financial aid-We found out that we will be granted 80% financial aid for the Lambs speech and occupational therapy next year. We praise God for this blessing!

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