Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My head is constantly spinning with thoughts due to the Lambs. Lamb 2 began vision therapy this week so it meant two more chauffeuring jobs for me. Our new schedule is Monday:Vision Therapy, Tuesday: Vision Therapy and piano lessons, Thursday: Speech therapy and occupational therapy. During those chauffeuring jobs, the Lambs come up with all kinds of questions. What did we call those phones we had in MN again? (Landline) Why are the other phones called cell phones? How does the landline phone know to ring at the correct house? (They thought it worked like a cell phone tower, we had to back way up and explain landline phones some more. They still don't really understand because they don't know what a corded phone is-they're thinking of a modern landline phone.) And a conversation about names: What are the variations of the first names of their therapists, why we named the Lambs what we named them, what are the variations of the Lambs' first names... I'm on my own to answer all these questions because Ram isn't with us and as Lamb 1 keeps reminding me, I don't have a smartphone for Lamb 1 to look it up himself while we're in the car. Usually I'm thinking about something else and I have to interrupt my thoughts to think of answers to their questions.

Then at home Lamb 1 is constantly asking music theory questions for his composing and I'm having to reach back in my mind 25-30 years ago to what I learned in flute lessons. Sometimes I have no idea because I only had about 6 weeks of piano lessons. After piano lessons today the piano teacher suggested that she is going to get him a spiral bound blank staff book so he doesn't have so many scraps of paper printed out with his music unorganized. She thinks this will help him.

Then Lamb 2 and 3 are both asking how to spell words constantly, Lamb 2 for his story he is writing, and Lamb 3 just because he wants to know. Lamb 1 asks questions like which of a couple of choices do I like best for an alien name for his story?

Then each of the Lambs get an idea in their head for a project they want to do, such as a craft project, and need me to find the supplies. Our school room is so unorganized after moving that it is not simple for me to say go here and go get that. A big goal for me for 2014 is to organize the school room and school room closet. But until then, they ask for something and I have to think where it might be. If it's not where I expect it to be then I spend the next few days thinking where else it could be until we finally find it.

Does this get worse or better as they get older? At least the Lambs like me and talk to me. But I am really looking forward to going to see the Hobbit without the Lambs to ask questions later this week!

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Sue said...

Do they know yet that some people still have dial telephones? I'm sure my grandson will never use one. My sons entering their 30s have seen one at Grandma's house, but even that's a long time ago now.