Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick update

We saw a couple of doctors last week for Lamb 2 and finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan after seeing many doctors. Lamb 2 will begin twice a week vision therapy for 9 months. I plan to have about a week of blog posts about this soon, but it is quite the story and will take much longer to blog about this than a normal post. When I get all my info together I will blog about it.
The Sunday School Christmas Service was on Sunday morning. Following that we had a small party. It is a huge relief to have that accomplished this year. Now we have a couple of weeks of crafts-I need to pull all the supplies together. Then we are taking a couple of weeks off of Sunday School so I get a Christmas vacation.
Our ladies had Advent by Candlelight tea on Sunday afternoon. I hosted a table so had to cart my china and other things over to church. I still have a few things to put away from that and need to wash all my china that we used, but it is good to have that event done. It was a relaxing afternoon chatting and singing Christmas carols and I'm glad I went.
We got about 4 inches of snow on Friday night/Saturday and the Lambs have spent every minute since then that I let them outside building a snow fort and making snow balls. It has been abnormally cold here-highs in the low 20s, lows actually below 0. The Lambs wear snow pants and warm coats and I bought them new waterproof mittens so they don't mind the cold. They remember that this is nothing compared to MN weather. 4 inches is a good amount of snow to play in vs. the feet of snow we would get in MN. The Lambs have used all the snow in the front yard so they have to cart snow from the backyard to continue their building. Our fireplace has been on a lot and many cups of hot cocoa have been enjoyed. I know this may be the only good snowfall this year for the Lambs to play in so I'm a little more generous with their outside time than I normally would be.
I have been busy filling out financial aid forms to hopefully get some help with medical bills next year for Lamb 2 and 3 to remain in speech therapy and Lamb 2 in his other therapy. Please pray for our family for this. The world doesn't understand this-if they went to public school they would get some of this therapy for free. But if they went to the public school they wouldn't be getting as much therapy, as good of therapy, or individual therapy. I know this is the best for our Lambs, but boy is it ever expensive. So I'm busy filling out the forms and Ram will be busy making copies of our tax forms etc. so we can submit everything by the deadline. Then we will wait and pray for that phone call that will be the best Christmas present ever, that we can receive some financial aid for these services.
Lamb 1 decided to write a story and has been busy asking me questions for things he never paid attention to in books. Such as who you dedicate a book to, grammar and capitalization questions, etc. I never would have planned this in the busy month of December, but he is gaining a lot of important skills doing this-much better than if I would have assigned similar things in school. Next Lamb 2 decided to also write a story. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to help him as much as he needs help though. I kept telling them I would help them with their projects after Dec. 8 and all my things I needed to do. It is after Dec. 8 and I've either wanted to take a nap or read a book-not help the Lambs with their projects. Thankfully they've been busy playing outside, but soon I'll need to devote more attention to them and their projects.
We've plugged along daily in school in the middle of everything else this time of year. I had hoped that Lamb 2 would finish his math book by Thanksgiving, now it's looking like he'll have a few more lessons to do in January. He's still ahead in math. Lamb 1 and 3 have gotten off to a good start in their math books.
We haven't put the fall decorations away and have only got out a few Christmas decorations. We haven't put lights up outside or even started a letter/Christmas cards. I am relieved that I hosted Thanksgiving so I will not have that responsibility for Christmas. We plan to have a very relaxed week of Christmas after all the church services-just spending time as a family of 5. It will be much needed after all our hard work this year.
Some day I will post the many pictures I have of things we did this fall...

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