Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cod Liver Oil Time!

Finally 18 Months!


kimberley said...

what does cod liver oil do? do they have to be 18 months to take it?

Ewe said...

It is recommended at 18 months. It has fatty acids including Omega 3. It's good for overall health and wellness-mood health, cardiovascular health, healthy joint function etc. We started all our boys when they turned 18 months. Lamb 3 was so excited to get in line with his brothers. I think because we start them young they love it and if we forget they request it. I'm not sure if you didn't start young if they would like it. It smells terrible. They have different flavors and my boys prefer orange but we've also had cherry and mint and there may be other flavors. Our pediatrician was very impressed that we get our boys to take it. He agreed that it's very good for them but he never recommends it because he doesn't think kids would actually take it. Lamb 3 turned 18 months on Friday so he took his first. He didn't love it and didn't finish his first spoonful until he saw his brothers take theirs and then he finished his. Ram has admitted he thinks it would be good for us to take it, but so far we haven't.