Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally out of the house!

After nearly a month being stuck in the house because of sickness and really stuck in the house because they are also working on our town sewer system so I can't let the Lambs outside with all the machines out there, we finally took a day off of school and went to Sioux Falls on Friday. Ram drove the car across our yard and parked in the alley so we could get in. As we were putting our coats on, I noticed a front loader driving by our minivan. I told the Lambs to hurry to get their coats on and run to our car so we could get out of the construction zone without getting our car hit by a truck! We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel. We rarely go to a town with Cracker Barrel so that was a special treat. The Lambs ate all their food. We did some shopping at the mall, measured the Lambs for shoes, I did some sticker shopping at the scrapbook store, also Target and Walmart. Walmart was really busy and completely out of canned pumpkin. Have any of you had trouble buying canned pumpkin this year? The news warned of this. I have several recipes for pumpkin this time of year plus I have to bring 2 pies to serve to the nursing home in a few weeks, so I was upset about this. We ate supper at Qdoba and the Lambs ate their tacos. At 9pm the Lambs were not asleep yet and they heard me say I was a little hungry. Lamb 1 spoke right up and suggested that we go to Jimmy Johns. So at 9pm we went to JJ and had sub sandwiches. By this time Lamb 3 had fallen asleep but as we were leaving JJ he woke up and ate some of Lamb 2's bread. We are in trouble if the Lambs eat that much in one day and they are ages 5, 3, and 1! The Lambs fell asleep and I always enjoy that time to talk to Ram without interruptions on the 2 1/2 hour drive home. It was a fun day even though we weren't successful at finding dress shoes for the older Lambs.
I bought myself a pair of khaki pants. They are ok, but not fabulous. This was the first pair of pants besides jeans that I bought myself since before I was pregnant with Lamb 1. I think it was about time! I'm going to force myself to try on some more and hopefully find a pair that I like better. I hate trying on clothes and buying clothes for myself. The Lambs were happy to play at the play place at the mall so I didn't feel rushed.
On Sunday we had another busy day. The other family that goes to Sunday School with us was finally healthy too so it was the first time in over a month that the teacher had her whole class. Then we went to the brunch in town that raises money for different organizations. Today was the EMTs turn and it was very crowded because of people wanting to support them. It took forever and the Lambs were very impatient. All the Lambs spilled their OJ while they were waiting. We finally got our food and ate. Then while we were eating I ordered food to go for Ram because he was doing the last church service. It took another 1/2 hour to get his food. The Lambs were more impatient then because they had already waited a long time and they had eaten by then. As I was buckling everyone in their seatbelts, Ram came. Since I don't have a cell phone and he leaves during the last hymn on communion Sundays and we hadn't decided our plans for sure ahead of time, he didn't know where I was or what I was doing. We were glad to get home and take naps after all that.
Sunday night we decided to go to the restaurant we like over the border in SD. Ram had 1/2 price off his meal because it was his 1/2 birthday and the Lambs are free on Sundays and the Lambs got free ice cream sundaes too. All the Lambs ate really well because they wanted a sundae! We had a nice meal and Ram even ordered me a chocolate cake with raspberry sauce dessert that I really like. We'll be "forced" to go back in November when I get my meal free because of my birthday.

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