Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ram's Mom!

Lamb 1 with Grandma (March 2004)
Today is Ram's mom's birthday. This is one of my favorite photos of her. She was so nice to come out and help me when Lamb 1 was born. With all his MSPI problems, I don't know how I would have survived without her here to let me take naps. Best of all she cleaned my whole house and it was really bad from bugs the previous fall when I had terrible morning sickness and I never cleaned it before she came.
Ram's mom is very generous with gifts for all of us. Ram and I had similar backgrounds with SAHMs and Christian parents. It has been great having a mother-in-law with similar parenting ideas as I was brought up with and we are trying to raise our boys with. She raised 3 boys so I appreciate her ideas for our boys. She breastfed her boys, used cloth diapers, had a terrible time potty training her boys and homeschooled Ram and his brothers. I appreciate a sympathetic ear with these topics. I have friends with a mother-in-law that they don't get along with. This makes problems that I can't even imagine.
So all this is to say, that I feel blessed to have Ram's mom as a mother-in-law. Have a great birthday and enjoy the end of your trip!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel
Enjoying your posts as always. The boys continue to grow. Congrats on your homeschooling with Lamb 1 - I can only imagine that it's a challenge with the 2 other lambs wanting to get in on the action.
Suzanne L