Monday, October 5, 2009

Fourth Week of School Report

It's hard to believe that we have completed 4 weeks of school. This week we were with Ram at a pastor conference so we didn't have school on Monday and we had a field trip on Tuesday to the history museum. On Saturday one of our churches had a fall festival so we did baking for that on Thursday and Friday and were busy with the fall festival on Saturday. Here's what we did complete:
Math: Continued working on MUS lesson 2. Lamb 1 finished the extra little math workbook he was working on. MUS lesson 2 practices counting to 20 including saying the teens like one ty one=11, one ty two=12 etc.
Handwriting: Lamb 1 practiced writing his first and last name several times. He seemed to pick up a few bad habits that may be difficult to break. I'll have him continue this week on his name in an attempt to break those bad habits.
Phonics: Reviewed vowels, didn't start anything new
Religion: Memorized Proverbs 2:6 (for Sunday School), worked on memorizing the first and second commandments and the hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Did the Bible stories of Adam and Eve created and the first sin.
Science: Read from Berenstain Bears science book
Reading: Continued Madeline. Began Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel. Read a few stories from My Book House and a few poems, recited Happy Thought by R.L. Stevenson daily.
Latin: Worked on Lesson one and two from Prima Latina. We were reading a science magazine and Lamb 2 recognized luna in luna moth! For some reason Lamb 1 decided he hates Latin and refuses to participate. Lamb 2 loves it. I'm going to have to schedule Latin carefully that Lamb 1 will be rewarded with free time or bake with me or something he really wants to do immediately after Latin.

In some ways we accomplished a lot this week, beginning new topics, and in other ways we didn't accomplish much because we only had school 3 days after going to the conference. Ram has two very ill members and it is very likely that he will have a funeral this week. I'm ok with this because I've had a little notice. Plus we plan to just continue school as normal this week with the exception of the day the funeral is on.
Ram's parents made it to France and will be there for Ram's dad on business and hopefully have time to do a little sightseeing too.
Another one of our churches has a bazaar on Saturday so I'll be baking again on Thursday and Friday and busy on Saturday. Thankfully only 2 out of our 3 churches have a fall festival!


The Mama said...

What are you using for handwriting? That's interesting about MUS- does it ever switch to more common vernacular?

Ewe said...

Handwriting: I just printed worksheets off of . What I meant about his bad habits was his lower case l's are really upper case and he has to concentrate to make a lower case h instead of an upper case one. This is after tracing it written correctly. I lucked out that he always has held a pencil correctly and the first born part of him is a perfectionist. So I was surprised that he had such a difficult time with his name last week. We are working on his name again this week.
Because he is a boy I'm not pushing handwriting too much at this kindergarten level. I do want him prepared when he's ready to start writing, but I'm not pushing it.
MUS: Lesson 2 has them refer to the numbers both ways. I think they compare it to the correct way to say the number and the nickname. The reason they teach it this way is because the teen numbers are very confusing to children. They want them to understand the place value of one ten and 4 ones=14. I'm not sure that I explained all this well, either in the blog post or this comment. This is our first time through MUS and I'm sure I'll get better at it as I work with each Lamb.

The Mama said...

I understand the rationale- when I was teaching Sweet Pea the teens it took a lot of time and an abacus to really make it click. I wonder why the names are so confusing?