Saturday, October 10, 2009

These photos were taken today-I'm not kidding!

Lamb 1 and 2 in our back yard in the SNOW that fell last night. Yes, the snow fell on OCTOBER 9. Lamb 1 really asked when we were getting out our Christmas tree. His next question was if there would be snow on Christmas.

Lamb 3 with the ONE green pepper (and a small one too) that we grew in our garden. We planted about 2 dozen pepper plants. We planned to have red, yellow, purple, and green peppers. Crazy weather this spring, summer, and fall didn't help. My sprained foot in May meant that we didn't get out there and weed or do anything in our garden until the middle of June. Then we were off for vacation and didn't take care of it. Oh well, we'll try again next year.

We planted cherry and Roma tomatoes this year. We picked a couple dozen Romas and about a dozen cherry ones when they were red. We picked these before the first frost. I know it will take awhile, but they really will turn red. We should have had hundreds more than this for the amount of plants we had. Crazy weather-we'll try again next year.

Lamb 2 was the first one up this morning. He came running in our room. "Mama, there's SNOW on the garden!" I had to ask him to repeat the word garden several times before I understood him. Yes, these are our poor tomato plants after last night. I'm glad we picked what we did in the previous photo.

This is the tree in our back yard that is going to be cut down because our small town is putting in a new sewer system. This was a nice tree because the leaves stayed green and on the tree longer than the other trees in our yard. Earlier this year, the church members helped us remove another tree that was dead and rotten. With the loss of two trees in our back yard, I'm expecting much more standing water. Lovely thought. The town is in desperate need of a new sewer system, but this is no fun to go through. We've been warned that we won't have water for six hours at a time while they are working on this. Most families don't work from home or homeschool like us. It's going to be so much fun to put all the winter clothes on the boys to take them downtown to go to the city hall to go to the bathroom while they work on our system. Since we live on an alley, we're not sure where we are going to park while they work on our yard. Every day this week the machines have woke me up much earlier than I want to be up. And the best news was this is just the beginning. They are hoping the weather stays nice so they can complete the majority of work yet this year and finish up next spring. I'm not counting on that happening since it snowed today! If I knew when they were working on our house I would take a vacation-even if it was just a few hours away to a Looper friend's house. But we have no idea when they will get to our yard other than guessing that we will probably be one of the first ones because they began the major work across the street from us. The Lambs have enjoyed watching all the trucks and machinery so I try not to be negative in front of them. It's all an adventure to them!

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