Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Car insurance

When we moved to MN we had a terrible time getting car insurance because I had totaled my car backing out of the driveway about a year before we moved to MN. We finally found Progressive would take us as customers. Car insurance in MN was very expensive and we checked several times but Progressive was the best deal for us. Then when we got new cars it was even more important for us to be insured well.
We were hit by a cement mixer on the way to Doxology last August. When we moved to ID I thought that we should continue with Progressive at least until we were sure the entire cement mixer accident claim was done. So we found an agent here to sell us Progressive.
I was shocked how cheap insurance was here in ID. After we moved to the new house I made an appointment to sit down with the agent to discuss our insurance. I was thinking we didn't have the same coverage as we did in MN because it was so much cheaper. When he entered in our new address the rates dropped even more. We did have the same coverage as MN, but ID is cheaper. This is partly due to very little chance of natural disaster-no tornadoes here etc. Even the agent was shocked that our rate dropped more because we were moving within the same zip code. I think it is because we own our house instead of rent, but the agent didn't know the exact reason.
The agent checked and if we switch companies we can save even more money and have the same coverage. I was shocked because after checking in MN, Progressive was the best deal for us partly because we had been with them for so long. Every once and awhile I have received e-mails from friends about how liberal Progressive is and what kind of causes they support. I have not enjoyed spending my dollars at a company like that for the last 9 years. So I am thrilled that when it comes time to renew our car insurance this week we are switching companies.
After moving we have had tasks like this to complete on Ram's day off. It is frustrating to spend so much time checking on things like this. But to save dollars makes the time spent on his day off worth it.

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