Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checking in this week

Our schedule just keeps getting more busy even though I hoped things would slow down once we were in our new house.
Saturday-Mother's Day tea at church, clean and do yardwork
Sunday-church, Sunday School sang in church, packed up and went to Ram's parents overnight
Monday-had a relaxing day at Ram's parents, visited a Looper that lost her husband a few weeks ago, came home
Tuesday-tried to get caught up at home after being away, Lamb 3 had preschool, voted!, took Lambs to two libraries, Ram and I watched The Adventures of TinTin (It came up as our turn from the library.)
Wednesday-Lamb 2 needed some fillings, treated the Lambs to TCBY, still trying to catch up at home, walked Lambs to park for exercise, Ram and I watched Lars and the Real Girl while we drank BBC drinks
Thursday-Lamb 3 had preschool, still catching up at home, priced everything for the church preschool garage sale and loaded it up in the van for Ram to take (I have a lot more of my garage empty now!), helped Lambs clean up their play room which was a disaster (and threw out a lot while we were at it), did a lot of laundry, did a lot of dishes, unpacked a box and priced all the toys in it for the garage sale-if the Lambs didn't miss anything in there since October when it was packed, they don't need those toys!, waiting for Ram to come home so we can have BBC drinks again
Tomorrow night it is possible that my sister comes to visit for a week, Saturday is the garage sale at church which I will help with (and be thrilled to see so much of my stuff go to new homes!), Sunday is a very busy day with events at church almost all day including the last Sunday School before summer break, Tuesday it is possible that a friend and her family comes to visit that I have never met any of her 4 boys and I haven't seen her for about 13 years (Can you imagine 7 boys at our house?),  Wednesday my cabinets for my china will be delivered and installed, Thursday is the end of preschool party that families are invited to, Friday Ram's parents come to celebrate Lamb 2's birthday with us and my sister may be going home, Friday is the opening of the pool in our subdivision-guess where the Lambs want to be at 8am?, and Saturday there is a wedding at our church. Oh, and we need to keep our regular routines of homeschool and Ram being a pastor in there somewhere too. Whew! I'll be glad when June is here!
I don't think I'll have time to blog, but I'll keep taking photos and eventually I'll post some of what we did! Have a good week.

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Joelle said...

Hey - what time is the garage sale? I'll be downtown seeing Beth Moore in the morning, but maybe I can stop by at after? I think we're done at 12:30. Do I know the person who may be stopping by later next week? I hope it is warm when the pool opens!!