Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 21-22, 2012

My sister Hannah was here for the week. We spent much of these two days getting organized-unpacking what she mailed to us so she didn't have to pay the extra baggage fee when flying, wrapping Lamb 2's birthday presents, having her decide what of the things I set aside for her that she wanted (craft supplies, things from my grandma, etc. that I found when I was unpacking from moving).
On Monday Hannah and I planned to go to lunch, but the place we had planned to go was closed on Mondays. We switched our plans and decided that she would babysit while Ram and Ewe went out to lunch. We picked up a pizza for the Lambs and Aunt Hannah and then we went here. We had lobster bisque, the salad bar, and sandwiches. We each decided to save half our sandwich and have another bowl of lobster bisque for dessert. The salad bar was not the typical salad bar-instead of different lettuces and veggies as toppings, it had salads like potato salad, shrimp, blackberries, strawberries, etc. I should have saved room and had the salad bar as dessert. There were several soups to choose from but we both chose lobster bisque. We decided to get a babysitter again and go back for lunch another time. :)
While we were gone Aunt Hannah was a good aunt and did paper mache and other crafts with the Lambs.
After lunch Ram and Ewe made a trip to Home Depot for supplies to put up shelves in the playroom closet. That evening we put them up and organized the games and puzzles. The whole area of the playroom looks a lot better.
Hannah and the Lambs and Ewe walked to the park and also had snowcones there. Hannah said they weren't as good as Hawaii snowcones, but we enjoyed the treat.

Lamb 3 had his last preschool class before summer break on Tuesday. Hannah missed him while he was gone that morning! Ram took the Lambs out for pizza and Hannah and Ewe went out for lunch. Today our lunch place was open.

We had Monte Cristo appetizer, artichoke soup, shared a piece of quiche, and then shared a piece of yummy dessert that I don't know the name but was full of chocolate. Hannah couldn't even finish her dessert and that says something! If I were to go again, I would have everything again but skip the quiche. We had a great "sissy time". We were enjoying our food and neither of us remembered to take photos of inside. Afterwards we went to a few thrift stores and came home with a few treasures and did a lot of window shopping. Hannah couldn't believe I hadn't been in any thrift stores since we moved here-I needed a thrift store shopping buddy!
Hannah made us a yummy Italian soup for supper.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I miss Hannah! :-) A new young woman came to church on Sunday and from the back she looked just like Hannah! It was too good to be true though... :-)