Monday, May 28, 2012

May 19-20, 2012

I am behind on blogging so I decided to do a few days at a time. Last Saturday our church preschool had a garage sale. Here is one load of stuff I took after moving.
We also took a bunch to Goodwill that I didn't think was nice enough for the garage sale. I saved some stuff for my sister. We cleared out a big area of our garage getting rid of all of this. We still can't fit our second car in the garage, but we made some progress on that.
I was at the garage sale for the whole sale 8-2 plus clean up. A lot of the items that I took sold. It was nice to see them go to new homes where they will be appreciated. The garage sale made about $300. There were no big priced items so that was a lot of quarter and dime priced items. I got sunburned and I got my exercise that day during clean up. We each took a little home to donate so a little ended up back in my garage to be delivered another day. The rest stayed at church for another garage sale in the fall.

Sunday we went to early church. I took the Lambs to their last Sunday School before summer break. Then I went to the airport to pick up my sister. The last time we saw her was before she went to South Korea to teach English, in September 2010. I brought her back to church and the Lambs weren't even excited to see her. We went home for lunch and to get food for Ram while he was at second service. Then we went back to church for a long Voter's meeting. I was so glad my sister was there to babysit the Lambs while they played on the playground. The meeting was a good meeting, but there was just a lot to discuss.
Then we went home and changed clothes and headed to an event in downtown Boise. As it was Museum Day, the museums all go to one site and have activities for the kids and tell what/where their museum is. Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

This was the first time Lamb 1 or 2 ever had face painting. They have had lots of opportunities while we lived in MN, but there were either long lines or they just weren't interested. The lines were not long here and they enjoyed this.
There were other activities that I didn't take photos. It was nice to have Aunt Hannah to help too. She enjoyed seeing the Basque museum.
The Lambs had a paper that each museum with a booth signed when they did an activity at that booth. At the end we turned in their papers and were allowed to choose from a wide variety of CDs, DVDs, or games. I chose this for the Lambs when they couldn't decide. We haven't listened to it yet, but I'm going to see if our library has other similar ones to this CD. The Lambs also got balloons and other treats.
Since we were downtown we decided to take Aunt Hannah to Old Spaghetti Factory. She had never been there before, not even to another location. We had a nice dinner and headed home. The Lambs went to bed and us adults stayed up late talking.

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