Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trying new recipes post 1

On Friday I tried Black Bean Brownies. A Looper had said they were too sweet so I put in less than half of the sugar the recipe called for. They were a little too crumbly so next time I think I would add another egg. I put crushed walnuts and chocolate chips on top and they were good. Lamb 1 saw me put the black beans in the food processor and had a fit, "I asked for brownies, not black bean dip!" But after they were made, everyone in the family ate them without complaining.
When we were in MN I learned everyone's definition of healthy eating is different, sometimes based on foods they are allergic to or can't tolerate. Some think replacing sugar with Splenda makes it healthy. Some need no dairy or no gluten etc. Some think replacing oil with applesauce makes it healthy. But most of the time these recipes still have way too much sugar. I think I would make these brownies again with the lesser amount of sugar, but we still need to remember there is sugar in them and treat them as dessert should be-an occasional treat.

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