Monday, May 7, 2012

Exercise Motivation

Our health insurance has a program where you can earn Amazon dollars and other rewards for doing healthy things like your annual physical and eating healthy and exercising. Last year Ram and I attended Doxology so we easily got our Be Well Serve Well dollars with just that and going to our regular doctor appointments. Ram went to Doxology this year without me for the final session.  We have made the decision after moving last year to not go this year together in the fall. In order to get the maximum numbers of dollars I will not have enough points without Doxology to make it as easy as last year.
We have bought many things especially for moving and the new house with our Amazon money from last year. I know that some of my friends have used their dollars for a big item like a Kindle. I was glad that we had those dollars for all the little things we needed last year. We also bought some homeschooling treats that weren't necessary but made our studies more interesting and fun. And Ram and I each got about $100 to spend however we wanted. But unfortunately we are down to the last about $10 of that money from last year.
In the move we lost our passwords and since we changed e-addresses we couldn't just have them e-mail a new password. Since we are low on Amazon dollars I was motivated to look for those passwords and get back in the program this year. After dropping an old typewriter on my foot and searching through several boxes yesterday we found my password but not Ram's. So Ram called them today and we are both back in. Ram will be able to register for a lot of his this week-he has eye doctor and dentist appointments this week and he went to Doxology in February. So we will again have some Amazon money once this is all processed.
I am either going to need to track my eating fruits and veggies or exercise or both in order to get my maximum points. Ram will need to do some of that to get his maximum points but not as much as me without Doxology points.
A new part this year is you can earn bonus points if you do exercise for 24 weeks. So Ram and I decided to try to do that in order to get the extra bonus dollars. If we begin next week we could be done in October, if we take breaks for busy/vacation weeks then we can still finish the 24 weeks before the end of the year.
Money for books is definitely the best way to motivate both Ram and me. The Lambs will encourage us to keep it up because they know they get treats with the Amazon dollars too. And I was slow learning that you can buy all kinds of things at Amazon, it doesn't need to just be books. Since we had that Amazon money I learned to look there first if I was buying something online. The Lambs are begging for a big Lego set but if I do all this exercising I am going to buy what I want, not Legos for them!
I'll try to keep you posted on how our 24 weeks of tracking exercise is going. We aren't beginning until next week due to the typewriter accident I had yesterday. I tore the skin back on my toe, but thankfully it wasn't worse.

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Kristen said...

Are you going for the full exercise challenge? Good for you! I'm on round 2 of my fruits and veggies, so that's going well. I'm always a fun of "free" Amazon money! Good luck to you!