Monday, November 12, 2012

Away in a Manger

Our church is doing the CPH Christmas program, Away in a Manger, this year. Our former church did this program in 2008. Out of all the Christmas programs we did when we lived in MN, this one is my favorite. I was thrilled that this was the one picked by our church this year. The director of the program asked me about the program-if we wanted to do all the suggested hymns or substitute a few more well known ones for the less known ones. I decided to watch the video I made when we did the program in 2008 to see how we did it then to answer her question.
The Lambs were surprised to see me watching a Christmas movie. Lamb 1 complained right away that it was too sad to watch because that was our former church. I didn't even tell him that it was sad for me to watch too because a few of those members who participated in the program have now joined the Church Triumphant.
Lamb 3 was Baby Jesus in the program, Lamb 1 and 2 were shepherds. They were all very good for the program in this recording, I know they weren't so good for all the Christmas programs. Lamb 2 looks so little in this recording. In the recording, Lamb 1 was about the age of Lamb 3.
We bought our camcorder when Lamb 1 was born and we really haven't used it very much. I have no recordings of Lamb 2 or 3 as babies around the house or beginning walking or anything like that. But we did record all 3 of the Lambs baptisms and each year we recorded the Christmas program. We don't watch those Christmas programs often, but since we have moved away those memories are priceless to me. When the Lambs watch those recordings it will jog their memory to keep those memories of our former church in their minds. Thank you Jesus, for helping us to make those recordings, to have the equipment work, and for having Costco help us get them on DVDs to easily watch.

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