Monday, November 5, 2012

My random thoughts before election day

Life has been busy at our house the last few weeks, but the President and his family and Governor Romney and his family are in my prayers. Susan reminded me to not just pray for the election, but to pray for our country no matter what the results are.
When we were in CA, someone spoke to me and the way he spoke I thought he was for Obama. I immediately pounced on that comment and started talking about the economy etc. and why not to vote for Obama. Before I even finished he interrupted that he was joking with his comment and because of Obama not being pro-life there was no way he could vote for him. He said it was that simple-the economy, jobs, the war on terrorism, and anything else that the media says is important does not equal the importance of being pro-life.
I read an article on Mormons that are Democrats. (In another post I would like to comment on this article.) The article said some Mormons are Republican because of the pro-life issue, others are Democrats because of the works for the poor. But that person I talked to in CA is so right. It is that simple. Obama is not pro-life. It doesn't matter if Democrats do charity and welfare for the poor if babies and the elderly are killed.
DakotaPam posted this on her blog. The whole mandate and the whole issue is that simple.

My sister told me she saw on Facebook-don't forget to change your clocks for daylight savings time and change your president on Tuesday. Please don't forget to vote and be prepared for long lines on election day. Be ready to wait in those lines as long as it takes to vote if you haven't voted early.

My eyes and prayers are also on our former state of MN as they vote to keep marriage between one woman and one man. I know other states also are voting on important issues too.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

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