Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall vacation day 3-Beach day!

Ram, Ewe, Lamb 2 and 3 (the ones of our family that were not afraid to go in the water)

Our family plus Great Grandma and Grandma

Our family plus Great Grandma and Grandpa

Ewe, Lamb 2 and 3 

Ewe, Lamb 3, Grandpa

Ewe, Lamb 3

On past visits to Great Grandma's house, we spent one day going to visit Great Great Uncle Del and stopped by the beach for a few minutes on the way home from his house. The Lambs have never been excited to go to the beach and Lamb 2 was the only one that went in the water before.
This visit Great Great Uncle Del had other plans for the day that we wanted to visit. You know those people in their nineties have busy social schedules! Great Grandma still wanted to go to the beach. Grandpa expected the Lambs to not want to stay at the beach very long. I didn't even dress the Lambs in swim clothes as it was a little cool.
The first thing we noticed when we got there was the beach was full of shells. This meant there was something for Lamb 1 to do because he didn't want to go in the water. Except for posing for a few pictures he spent over an hour looking for shells with Grandma helping him. When we have been to this beach before there weren't very many shells. Lamb 2 and 3 couldn't get enough of the water. They spent over an hour in the water with the exception of posing for a few pictures. Ewe watched Lamb 3 that he didn't go out too deep, Ram watched Lamb 2 and also took some pictures. When Lamb 3 started chasing the birds was when Ewe was ready to be done. It was cool when we got there but being out in the sun warmed us up quickly.
Great Grandma was so happy they let her borrow the beach wheelchair and she was able to go right down to the beach with us and put her feet in the water too. When we returned the wheelchair Grandma remarked how much fun the Lambs had collecting shells. The man that worked there questioned if she was joking or wanted him to write a ticket. He then told us that as of January 1, the beach that we went to is protected and there is no collecting allowed. He told us there was a sign when we first came in the beach. We had not seen the sign. There were no other signs along the beach. I'll let you figure out if we took our shells or left them. The man did say that they are trying to figure out how to enforce the new rule. But that does make sense why we so easily found shells this time as compared to other years. The man said it just doesn't make sense for every single tourist to take a bag of shells home. So before we go back to CA we need to do some more research of where we can go that we are allowed to collect shells, for Lamb 1's sake.

After washing off the Lambs feet and cleaning them up as best as we could we went to lunch at a nice restaurant near the beach. Most of us had ribs, Lamb 3 had the fanciest grilled cheese sandwich I've ever seen and ate every single bite, and I think Lamb 2 had macaroni and cheese and ate all of it. I should have stopped with the ribs, but I chose to share a piece of lemon meringue pie with Ram. I didn't eat any supper after that big lunch.

Then we went to Target and Great Grandma bought the Lambs some Lego minifigures. She wanted to get them a treat.

After we took Great Grandma home then we rested in our room for a little while. Then Aunt Lois (one of Grandma's sisters) and Cousin Joe came to visit us. We walked over to the bar of a nearby hotel and had a nice visit. We ordered a couple of orders of sweet potato fries and also had drinks. The Lambs sat at this cute little table and entertained themselves pretty well by playing Lego minifigures and even played some card games by themselves. The adults sat near them and visited. It's hard for me to believe that Cousin Joe is now at the adult table, that is what happens after almost 11 years of marriage, the relatives grow up, even the ones you don't see often.

Ram, Lambs, Aunt Lois

Sorry for the poor quality photo from Ram's phone
Cousin Joe, Ram, Lambs
We ended up being up way too late before our Disneyland day, but it was nice to see Aunt Lois and Cousin Joe.

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