Monday, November 26, 2012

What do you call..?

What do you call cinnamon rolls when you forget to put the cinnamon in? Everyone in my family watched me make them, ate one, talked about what ingredients were in cinnamon rolls, and no one noticed. About an hour after I ate one I realized. I don't know if it is more crazy that I forgot the cinnamon or that my family didn't notice. They were still yummy with raisins and walnuts!


Glenda said...

I have done that, and then given them away. Oops

Anonymous said...

Cinnam-off rolls?
I make mine with a home cooked caramel base in the pan so they flip out and have this gooey goodness dripping down. Decadent, yes. But my family wouldn't quickly notice if there was cinnamon missing with all the dark caramel ooze.
Your cooking is just so good they never consider something might not go to plan. [wink]
signed - just another looper

Emily Cook said...

hahaha! that is too funny! I can't believe they didn't notice!