Thursday, November 8, 2012


The last two presidential elections we lived in so small of a town that there was no polling place. On years when the president or governor was elected our ballots were mailed to us and we returned them by mail. Some years there were no ballots or elections.

Last fall we moved too close to the election time so we were unable to vote last November. (You need 30 days of residency.) I was very excited to go to a polling place and vote in this year's primary and on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we had no line although there were others voting at the same time. They also remembered that we had voted in the primary because we brought the Lambs along to vote again.

Our voting place is at the public library. I love our new tradition of taking the whole family to watch us vote and then checking out books afterwards. The Lambs will see that voting is important.

It's the little things like getting an "I voted" sticker that mean a lot to me now.

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