Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ordering preschool products online

When school began Lamb 3 brought home his book order forms. I tried several times to order online because you get a $5 free book with the next order if you order online. It would not let me do the final step to submit the order. I called Scholastic. Basically I had an account in MN and the computer couldn't figure out that I wanted a new account for ID. I had Ram try to order it-thought perhaps I was doing something wrong. Ram even tried on his laptop while he was at his office, just in case the problem was something with our internet. After a few days of trying several times, I gave up. I waited until the next month and I was able to order just fine.
Today I tried to order the pictures the boys had taken at preschool a few weeks ago. I wanted to order a CD with a couple of the pictures instead of paying the outrageous prices for a few sheets that weren't exactly what I wanted. I went online, clicked on quantity, and just like Scholastic there was no way to put it in the cart to finalize the order. I called the picture people. The lady was very nice and apologized several times, but there was no way for her to order a CD over the phone, only I could do that final step. Her computer was working fine. :) I cleared the cookies off the computer and everything I could think of. Ram tried too. Finally Ram got out his laptop and tried. It worked fine on his laptop.
I just want to scream when I know what I want to order and the websites won't let me. I have wasted a long time on this. I was able to try several times each day. I don't know what the mothers that work outside of the home do at times like this. Or maybe it's just me, the other moms don't have any trouble?

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