Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall vacation day 5

We checked out of the hotel, spent most of the day with Great Grandma at her house, and then took a flight out of Long Beach. The airport there was under some construction so we had a long walk to our plane. I take that over flying out of busy Los Angeles though. We flew over the supper hour so we didn't eat. We planned to take the Lambs out when we got home. Lamb 2 and 3 fell asleep in the car on the short ride from the airport. Lamb 1 was tired but not asleep. So we just went home and went to bed. Here are some final vacation photos from Great Grandma's house.
Great Grandma was thrilled that Lamb 1 practiced piano at her house and that her piano was played by someone

Great Aunt Shelly brought some toys she got at a garage sale over for the Lambs to play with while they visited. It was an Arctic set-boats and animals. They went all over the backyard with the toys.

We try to always take a photo of the Lambs by Grandma's orange tree. My have they grown-we started with one Lamb sitting in the car seat for a photo-now there are 3 and they all stand for a photo.

Great Grandma, 3 Lambs, Ram, Grandpa
4 Generations

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