Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall vacation day one and two

Day 1: We flew from ID to Los Angeles by way of Portland. Grandma sat by Lamb 1, Ram sat by Lamb 3, Ewe sat by Lamb 2, and Grandpa got to sit by himself. Grandpa was recovering from being sick with a cold. Ewe was surprised that Lamb 2 was the most work for an adult-he is close to reading, but not quite so he can't read to himself like Lamb 1. He thinks he is too old to just play quietly by himself like Lamb 3. So he chose to do his math (needed help reading the problems) and wanted to be read to for the whole plane trip. Ewe was pretty tired by the time we got there!
We got settled into our hotel and went out to eat at a fish restaurant and tried to get to bed early after a day of traveling.
Day 2: Ram's dad was allergic to something at the hotel and Lamb 1 and Ram were too. Ram's dad worked it out to move to the hotel next door. So we packed up our stuff and moved hotel rooms. This one was much better than the first one. The first hotel had a lot of families going to Disneyland, the second one had more business travelers. There was such a difference, especially at breakfast-we could sit and enjoy breakfast without tons of people and children also at breakfast. We were so glad we moved for the rest of the week.
Because of the move we got a late start, but we finally got over to Great Grandma's house. The boys enjoyed picking oranges off her tree and eating them. They enjoyed playing in her backyard. It was cool when we were there, but we put on sweaters and were glad it wasn't as hot as some of our other visits.
We took Grandma to the mall to do some shopping. Then we all ate at Cheesecake Factory. We were there for an early supper and the service was very slow. Perhaps it would be better to go at normal supper time when they have more help? The meal was delicious though. Lamb 1 had Thai lettuce wraps and ate the whole thing by himself.
It was nice to finally see Great Grandma and spend the day with her.

Eating oranges from Great Grandma's tree in her back yard

Ram and 3 Lambs in front of Great Grandma's house

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