Friday, November 9, 2012

My turkey cookie cutter frustration

Last week I made cut out cookies for our church bazaar last Saturday. I made about a dozen and a half turkey shaped ones and then my cookie cutter broke. After the cookie cutter broke I made bears and flowers and leaves. Saturday I was at the bazaar helping most of the day. Sunday I rested. Monday I began my search for a cookie cutter went shopping.

I knew Walmart had Christmas things in the place of all the fall/Halloween decorations when I was there on October 31, so I didn't even try there. I tried Target, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michaels, Zurchers (a party store), Fred Meyer (like Meijers for my Midwest friends), and Craft Warehouse. A few of those stores had sets with about a dozen cookie cutters that included turkeys. None had just one turkey cookie cutter. I must say the salespeople were very helpful trying to assist me. One suggested some stores in the mall but I really didn't want to fight traffic to go there. I don't even want to think of going to 3 towns and spending 6 hours shopping on Monday! Thankfully I did some other shopping while I was hunting for the cookie cutter.

I tried now even though the bazaar is done, thinking if I went before Thanksgiving I would find one. Oh how foolish an idea that was! Ewe, Halloween is over so they have Christmas in every available space in the stores now. Ewe, forget any fall or Thanksgiving decorations until next August or maybe you would have better luck in July. Ewe, don't forget that the stores are crowded now with people buying Christmas decorations.

Craft Warehouse finally had a cart with a set of 4 fall cookie cutters with a sign that it was $3.37. I didn't want acorn or leaf or pumpkin because I already have some of those or wouldn't ever use them. But after no success at any other store I decided to get them.

When I got up to the register it rang up as $4.99. I questioned and it took a long time to look it up, they discovered that the sign I saw was for the week of Halloween when it was on sale. The price was now $4.99 but they would give me the sale because I questioned it. The cashier kept saying that I said the price was $3.97 and I kept correcting her that the sign said $3.37 as she talked to other salespeople to try to figure out my sale.

Guess what the price on the receipt was when I got home...


Good thing my cookies sold so well at the bazaar...

Oh how I wish we still lived in rural MN at times like this. I know exactly which local (20 miles away) drugstore to go to that would have had turkey cookie cutters and they probably would have been on clearance. This shopping in the city is not for me. I also know that next week I will probably see several turkey cookie cutters at stores that I did not try on Monday.

I now have a new turkey cookie cutter. I just hope that the preschool sells cookies at next year's bazaar...

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