Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Difficult parenting day

1. Aunt Hannah sent new pencils to the Lambs. While I was looking at what else she sent one of the Lambs decided to sharpen the new pencils. He accidentally put the wrong end of the pencil in the electric sharpener. Ram tried to get the eraser out with no luck. We really go through pencil sharpeners and they aren't cheap. I got the idea to try to sharpen a pencil and try to get the eraser to shred to pieces. It worked! Problem solved.

2. We dyed Easter eggs today. I was so proud that the Lambs were on the picnic table doing the whole process by themselves while I was inside doing dishes. I told them when they were finished to let me know so I could take a picture. Except when I went to take a picture one of the eggs had a bad word written on it. There were lots of "Jesus is Risen" eggs and then this one. Only one Lamb knows how to spell so I knew who did it. I immediately took the shell off that egg and threw it away while the other Lambs asked why I was doing that. Note to self: Next year they need more supervision while dying eggs even though they are capable of doing it by themselves.

3. I'm not even sure exactly what happened, but one of the picture frames in our hallway got broken by the Lambs today. I have each Lamb picture in their own frame and they all match. Which means that if I can't repair this picture frame I need to buy 3 more to replace this one or they won't match any more. Big sigh.

Why are some days like this? I used to like being home all day on Wednesdays without any appointments or lessons, but now I am starting to dread it. I can't understand how this can all happen when it was warm and the Lambs were outside a long time today.

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