Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grandma's flowers

My dad's mom had one request for her funeral. She wanted the Nebraska state flower on top of her casket. That meant she was requesting goldenrod for the top of her casket. My parents couldn't believe she wanted that on top of her casket, isn't that what everyone is allergic to? It turns out that many people are allergic to ragweed, which is different from goldenrod but blooms around the same time so people blame goldenrod.
I was unable to attend Grandma's funeral. She died in the winter a few years ago so it was impossible for the florist to fulfill her request, but they were able to find some silk flowers that looked similar to goldenrod. After the funeral the silk flowers ended up at my parents house.
Last summer my parents came to visit us and brought my great aunt's cedar chest to me. The silk flowers were in the cedar chest and my parents didn't know what to do with them so the flowers came to me too. Soon after their visit I took them to a lady at church and asked if she could use something like that as she is a wedding planner.

On Easter morning I was surprised to see this arrangement on top of the organ at church. We have a small altar area but she tries to put silk arrangements around the organ area especially for the Easter season. She used grandma's silk goldenrod (I think it is actually forsythia) and combined it with other flowers she had. I have no talent to arrange flowers. I am not a big flower person, especially if the flowers are silk. But the symbolism of the resurrection when I will see all my loved ones in heaven again meant a lot to me when I saw those flowers again on Easter Sunday. It was extra special because I didn't know she was going to do this when I gave them to her last summer and then I didn't see them again until Easter.

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