Thursday, April 10, 2014

Now he is six

A week and one day ago, Lamb 3 turned 6. I finally downloaded the photos today so I can tell you about his birthday. Now my "baby" is six.

Grandpa and Grandma came to celebrate a few days before Lamb 3's birthday.
Lamb 1: Juggling Set
Lamb 2: Lego Police Dog Unit
Lamb 3: Lego Coast Guard Patrol

Supper out with Grandpa and Grandma was for pizza which everyone liked and then they also joined us on his birthday to go to Mongolian Grill for lunch. Pizza was gluten free for adults and make your own pizza for the boys.

Lamb 3 was very excited to receive the Coast Guard Patrol. Lamb 1 received his first big Lego set when he was 7 and needed help to build it. Lamb 3 built this set mostly by himself. The difference between oldest and youngest always surprises me.

Aunt Hannah sent this book of puzzles for my boy that loves skeletons and models of the human body and puzzles. It fits right with our homeschooling science this year. The puzzles are a little difficult but he should be able to do them soon.
He also received a human body model from Grandma where he can do surgery and remove the parts of the body and put them back in. I don't have a picture, but first he removed the hip like Grandma and the kidney like Papa.

Great Grandma wanted to send a toy for the youngest boy, she didn't want to send money like she sent to Lamb 1. Ram and Ewe never got back to her what Lamb 3 would like, so she sent these Legos. We were impressed that a 93 year old did so well picking a present! Lamb 2 already had this Lego set but it is a 3 in 1 set so Lamb 3 just built something different than Lamb 2 built.
Lamb 3 made the hat during speech class with 6 pom poms in the shape of a happy face. He wanted to wear it first thing when he woke up on his birthday.

Birthday meals were spread out over the week since Lent is a busy time of year for a pastor's family.
Breakfast: Monkey bread (we made it after Ram left for work so he wouldn't be tempted)
Lunch: Egg Salad
Supper: Meatloaf and sweet potato fries
Dessert: Homemade chocolate pudding which Lamb 2 liked more than Lamb 3 did

Aunt Hannah made cupcake toppers and we took chocolate cupcakes for dessert at the church Lenten supper. It ended up being the only dessert so there were no leftovers. Thankfully all 3 boys got one before they were gone.

Here he is with one of his cupcakes. He asked for a Boise Hawks t-shirt and received it.

He asked me to take his picture on his birthday because he wanted a picture of himself before he lost any baby teeth. He thinks he will lose them when he is 6 but I think he won't until he is 7 like his brothers. We'll see who is right!

The picture of Lamb 3 on my sidebar was also taken on his birthday. He couldn't wait until his birthday to wear the birthday pin and his #6 shirt. He saw his brothers wearing the birthday pin in some photos of past birthdays and wanted his 6 year old pictures to have the same pin. It always surprises me what they remember and think is important from past celebrations. Perhaps they are influenced by pictures they see in their scrapbooks.

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