Monday, April 21, 2014

In 1983

The Sunday School children at our small church were taught "This is the Feast" from the liturgy in the new hymnal then (Lutheran Worship). The idea was to teach some of the liturgy to the children during Sunday School opening and then when it was introduced to the congregation the children could be leaders for the congregation. It ended up working quite well.

I had no idea then how useful learning that would be later in my life. Yesterday, after not singing the hymn of praise during Lent many people in our congregation hurried to turn pages in their hymnal to find "This is the Feast". At the same time Lamb 1 and 2 started fighting over their space in the aisle. At that moment I was glad I had the words memorized from my childhood. Thank you, Mr. Scholl and dad, (the organist and pastor). We may have a new hymnal but we still use liturgy from both of the old hymnals.

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