Saturday, April 26, 2014


Holy Saturday was Prom time here. I'm not sure exactly which schools had Prom. We first saw some people dressed up down the street from us. We couldn't figure out why people would be dressed up the day before Easter. Then we went to an event downtown to walk around a little. There was a group of 3 couples dressed up taking pictures around town. I'm not sure if one of the dads was taking the pictures or if it was a professional photographer. Boy have times changed vs. taking a few pictures in the front yard before my Prom. Then we figured out why Ram had a difficult time finding me a corsage for my Easter dress.
As we drove by people taking pictures for Prom, I thought that if I was a parent of a high school student going to Prom, I would have been disgusted with the scheduling of Prom on Holy Saturday. I understand that Easter was later this year than normal and schools need to schedule it some time. When I went to Prom, my parents still expected me to go to church on Sunday morning. That was one thing to go to church after Prom and then go back to bed for the rest of the day. It would be another thing to go to church on Easter Sunday after Prom. Our church does not have Easter Vigil services, but we really hope in the future that they do. I could just imagine the dilemma, do they go to Easter Vigil service first and then go to Prom? Plus I can picture our Lambs being very involved with music in our services as they are older so skipping these high feast services would not be an option.
Seeing the people dressed up started a conversation with the Lambs about Prom. We don't know if they will still be homeschooled when they are in high school. Even if they are there is a possibility that one of their friends will ask them to go as friends to a local Prom. Lamb 2 immediately started thinking of who he knew around his age that might be a possible Prom date. Lamb 1 immediately said there was no way he was ever going to Prom. He said it would be a waste of money. I said that usually the boy pays if he asks the girl to Prom but if they go as friends they each pay their own way. He said either paying for both or just paying for himself would waste his money plus he didn't want to go to a dance. Lamb 3 stayed out of the conversation, that is the way he is-he will see what happens by then, he isn't worried about Prom today.

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Sue said...

Easter was late the year my younger son was going to the prom (he's 31 now). I think the school district had no idea it was Easter weekend till too late. I know there were a lot of unhappy parents.