Monday, April 14, 2014

Hair Trim

The last time I had my hair cut was on our summer 2012 vacation when my friend Gloria cut it and I donated it. Since I have long hair I rarely take the time to get it trimmed as it isn't as noticeable as when you have short hair and need it shaped again.

I had never had my hair cut in ID and wasn't sure where to go. I do have a friend that had her ear cut when she had a hair cut at one of the chain shops and now I'm very cautious where I walk in. My friend, Joelle, told me where she went but I never made the effort to make an appointment.

I noticed there was a Barber College near where the Lambs have piano lessons. When I was in high school I often went to a Beauty College for perms. I decided to go there for  a trim. The ends of my hair were really bad after almost 2 years. I wasn't quite sure about  going to a Barber College for a women's hair cut but decided it couldn't be too bad since I just needed the ends trimmed.

I was so glad I went there because with a coupon it was just $5 to get hair washed, trimmed, and styled. Since it was just a trim I wasn't willing to pay much more. I didn't need an appointment so I went when I was ready on Friday afternoon.

The student did a great job and her instructor checked her work. The instructor found one spot that wasn't even but that usually happens when I get my hair cut since it is so long. Both of them remarked how thick my hair is. She said I should come in once a month for trims-I'm not sure I will go that often but I will go every couple of months. She was surprised how long my hair is. I told her this was too short for me to get it cut to donate.

After reading the book Curly Girl I was a little overwhelmed at all the products she put in my hair. When I go back I'm going to ask if she can just put conditioner, not shampoo in my hair. I'm not sure if that is allowed there, but I'll ask. And after I get it cut I'm going to ask to not have it styled. All those products not only smell bad but I know they aren't good for my hair.

For styling she braided my hair and it was cute but the braid fell apart while I slept so I had to wash my hair Saturday morning. On Sunday the woman that sat behind me in church remarked on how nice my hair looked. I guess I really did need the ends trimmed.

After so many miscarriages I usually treat myself to a Starbucks or similar price treat after I go to the doctor now. Even just routine doctor visits are complicated now that I have to tell them when my last miscarriage was. After I got my hair trimmed I stopped at Starbucks. Although going to the Barber College wasn't like going to the doctor, I was proud of myself for being brave and trying it. I figure I still came out ahead since the trim was just $5.

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