Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Almost First Day of School!

Yesterday I spent some time planning out a better schedule for our family. My goal was to get up earlier, finish school before lunch, have more devotion time, have more reading time, and get to bed earlier. I worked out schedule that I think will work.

Yesterday the Lambs played outside with the neighbor kids all afternoon. Before bedtime Lamb 1 had a runny nose and started coughing. I think it is allergies. I knew beginning our new schedule today was not going to work. He needed to sleep in and I expected him to be grumpy because he didn't feel well.

So they slept in and Lamb 1 did not go to cross country practice tonight and we did not begin school as planned today. It ended up being good because I ended up spending a couple of hours this afternoon figuring out Sunday School before we begin that on Sunday. We had a new family at our church this weekend and adding their children to Sunday School was wonderful but took some planning of who would teach what class. I also spent some time trying to figure out if it will work for the Lambs to be in Cub Scouts, it's not looking likely for that. What do other parents with 3 boys do to get them all to meetings at different places at the same time? Especially when dad has to work (aka church meetings) and can't help every week. I had expected everyone to meet at the same place and same time, I really don't want two nights a week for Scouts.

Tomorrow we don't have anything on the calendar so I decided we would begin the new schedule even if Lamb 1 coughs through the whole day. Then right before bedtime Lamb 3 threw up. There has been lots of sickness going around here. I'm expecting this to run through the family and I don't really know when we will be able to begin school.

It is so frustrating to have a plan for a schedule after being off schedule for the past 3 years and not be able to follow that plan!

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