Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When it rains it pours...or it hails...

Since I blogged about our real life monopoly last week we have been busy. We added some more to our to do list; not by our choice. All this is not about the money as much as it is the time to deal with all this.

*Our piano teacher is raising her rates. I don't blame her as the price of everything is going up. She is an excellent teacher. She is patient with all of Lamb 1's questions of why music is written the way it is written instead of just playing the required music. She has been so patient with Lamb 2's difficulties with piano because of his vision difficulties. But we need to choose if we are going to continue every week lessons for both Lamb 1 and 2 or every other week. With everything else in our life now I'm thinking maybe it would be better to have lessons every other week but require more practicing at home than they are currently practicing. I think our boys have taken music lessons for granted and perhaps every other week lessons would help with that. It would also ease our schedule some while Lamb 2 is still in therapy. But perhaps Lamb 2 really needs every week lessons due to his difficulties. I'm thinking and praying about this some more before giving the piano teacher an answer.

*We signed up for a program to receive a free tree from our power company. Ram began making the phone calls to be sure that the spot we picked is a safe place to dig and other necessary preparations for the tree. We have called several places and can't find anyone willing to dig the hole for us since they are not selling us the tree. I sure don't want to dig a hole that large in ID soil. I just hope we are ready before the tree is delivered in October.

*Our neighbors got a new roof a few weeks ago and they told us they had had hail damage and it would be a good idea to have our roof checked too. We didn't expect ours to really have damage, but it did. So now we need to make time for the insurance adjuster to check out our roof and find a time for them to put a new roof on before winter. We have to come up with the $ for the deductible and be prepared for an increase in our home insurance. The roofer said that 15,000 roofs in our area need to be repaired after the storm in August. I just can't believe this because I would have expected this in IN, but not in ID where it doesn't rain very much.

I have delegated almost all of our real life monopoly game to Ram. I just can't handle this kind of stuff. I hate to make phone calls like this. Add in what I blogged about last week and I am completely overwhelmed. He's working on the to do list for the minivan, roof, tree, and house. I am so thankful I am married when this stuff happens so I can delegate this to Ram! I am also so thankful that all our real life monopoly game is minor problems. Ram has a job that he likes and we have a nice house and two cars. Our family is together and healthy and that is what really matters.

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joelle said...

Matt bought me a 14 ft maple tree for my bday. He dug the hole himself in a few hours. I think you guys can do it! Using this also to remind you of A coming over on Tuesday morning. See you then!